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Broken Cow Leg


Dr Fida working her magic on a cow that broke her leg. She got really creative making a one of a kind splint to stabiliser the fracture. The cow was moved to facilities closer to the farmers homestead to be monitored and kept in a small camp to encourage minimal movement and TLC care.

Broken Cow Leg2019-06-04T13:26:20+02:00

Is your pet poisoned?


WHAT IT IS? Organophosphates and carbamates are related toxins found in a large variety of commercially formulated products like flea collars, topical tick and flea products and agricultural remedies. Poisoning can be due to accidental overexposure to these products or can be due to criminal intent such as house breaking and theft. The most commonly [...]

Is your pet poisoned?2019-04-27T10:04:43+02:00

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