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Dr Fida and Dr Henri are experienced in a wide variety of wildlife capture/restraint including being registered with TOPS for capture of the endangered species. Wildlife services include Darting, Treatments, Micro- Chipping, Tagging and Pregnancy diagnosis

Services and Treatments

  • Capture
  • Medical treatment
  • Surgery where possible
  • Vaccination
  • Deworming
  • Micro chipping
  • Seman Evaluation
  • Routine evaluation

Wildlife in SA

The Wildlife Industry in South Africa is comprised of mainly 4 segments. Hunting, breeding of game, wildlife tourism/ecotourism and game products. There are over 10000 registered private game ranches in SA.

We at PetPassion understand the need for management and selection of animals to ensure an excellent animals are produced.

Bull selection on horn growth and size as well as the overall body score can set you above the rest. The challenges with game is they cannot be worked like livestock and need to be darted in order to take measurement/move between breeding camps/sell or swop for genetic reasons. With many years under their belts we at PetPassionn are able to assist you with this.

To you I might just be a vet but your animal is something I think about, wonder about and care about.

Dr Fida treats a young buffalo calf with a snare

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Dr Fida treats a sick ostrich who is suffering from the drought

Dr Fida treats a male lion after he got into a fight with his rival

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Dr Henri helps a very sick lioness

Darting and moving if some beautiful Sable

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On the ground in or in the air, PetPassion can do it all

Dr Henri relocates springbokkies

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