Project Description


  • Examination and treatment of general diseases
  • Vaccinations (incl AHS and Flu)
  • Lameness work ups
  • Dental care – teeth rasping
  • Light surgery e.g. wounds and castrations and some minor colic (specialized surgery referred)
  • Supply of products such as de wormers, supplements and hoof care products

African Horse Sickness

  • AHS is an insect (midgets) borne virus that affects equines.
  • AHS causes fever and impairment of the respiratory and cardiac system.
  • Severity can range from mild to fatal
  • AHS is not contagious to humans
  • Symptoms show 5-7 days after infected.
  • The pulmonary (lung) and cardiac (heart) system is affected.
  • AHS is not transmitted between equines but spread via an insect.
  • Yes AHS can be treated but also prevented via vaccination.
  • The vaccine only stimulates the immune system and the immune system then fights the disease. This is an important fact to remember so that we vaccinated early enough to give the immune system time to respond to the vaccine and be in top form for when the animal is at its highest risk when the midgets are in their abundance.
  • Vaccination for the North West area should be done before the rainy season which brings the midgets that carry and spread the disease.

Dr Fida talks about the importance of vaccinating your horses against African Horse Sickness. We have AHS in stock.

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What is lameness?

Lameness is a term used when a horses gait changes or is uneven. This is usually in response to pain somewhere in the limb. This pain can be due to an accidents or conformation.

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Equine dentals or Floating a horse's teeth!

Yup just like us your horse needs to have their teeth checked once a year. This fixes any misalignment or sharp edges that may have developed.

Horses chew their food in circular motions that can lead to uneven wear on the teeth. This can really have damage on your horse wellbeing. It can cause sores/ulcers/cuts in the mouth and affect the horse’s ability to eat/chew properly. We can see a decrease in weight plus an unwillingness to perform due to the mouth being sensitive/sore.

Why is it important to have your horses teeth checked? Watch this video for more info.

An interview with a donkey about ticks!

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