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Why is Pet Grooming Necessary?

We need to keep our pets clean and well-groomed for many reasons.

The primary reason is health; both the dog’s health and the owner’s health. Germs are a part of our existence, and our immune systems are kept strong and healthy because we have to continually build resistance to germs as they change and mutate. Having a pet in the house exposes us to a greater variety of germs than people who don’t have pets. It has been shown that people with pets have healthier immune systems than people who don’t have pets.

But there are limits. We need to keep our pets healthy so that they don’t bring diseases into the house that would unduly threaten either the pets or the pets’ owners. On a larger scale, pets that are not regularly groomed will develop unpleasant smells as their coats build up oils and dirt. Regular grooming ensures that this is prevented.

Pets are an essential part of many people's lives.

When treated with love and affection, they respond by being constant companions who are always ready to return the affection they are shown.
While many people appreciate their pets and the benefits they bring, not as many realize that routine grooming is as important for pets as it is for we humans. How many people do you know would go for a day without at least washing their faces, combing their hair, and brushing their teeth? Many people don’t give a second thought to regular pet care and even more do not realise when their pets need to be brushed and bathed.

What is grooming?

Pet grooming is far more than just the occasional wash and brush. It is about making sure that your pet has a healthy coat, well-maintained claws, and clean ears and teeth. Certain breeds of dog need their eyes cleaned on a regular basis as well. Pet grooming also consists of a skin health check. At the Petpassion grooming parlour we inspect your dog or cat closely to detect whether he or she is carrying any disorders or diseases like the common mange and scabies.

Did you know? There are over 160 skin disorders that affect dogs, a common one is recurring dermatitis. Your dog could most likely have one of these disorders. Bringing your dog in for regular grooming could prevent some of these skin disorders as well as make you aware of any disorders that your dog may have which you do not know of.

101 Facts

  • Fleas and ticks DO NOT like groomed dogs!
  • Some people think that grooming a pet interferes with his or her natural skin conditions and oil balances. This is a myth.
  • A pet’s cleanliness says a lot about you, as your pet is a part of your household.
  • Who doesn’t like a good looking pet fresh from the parlour!
  • Zoonotic diseases : A disease which can spread from the dog to the owner. Zoonotic diseases can be prevented and be made aware of by regular grooming.
  • If you do not trim your dog’s nails regularly and they grow too long, it can be pretty painful. When your dog’s nails get too long it can begin to hurt them when they walk. The nail will push back into the paw when his weight is applied. When this happens it throws your dog’s gait and posture all out of whack. The nail can also end up curling around and growing into the pad. This is very painful and can cause infections. If it gets bad enough, they begin walking on the sides of their feet. If that happens, it can cause joint issues, arthritis, and even more pain for your pooch.

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