Project Description


  • Examination and treatment of general diseases
  • Pregnancy examinations and assistance with difficult calving, including caesarians
  • Fertility testing and sheath scrapings on bulls
  • Artificial insemination in conjunction with reproduction specialists
  • Supply of vaccines and Act 36 stock remedies, deworming and dips
  • Fecal Egg Counts in consultation with specialists

Dr Fida talks about the in and outs of cold branding

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Herd Management

Herd management is one of the keys to farming livestock. There are a few key element that if you get them right will make farming very enjoyable. Farmer Brown always said ‘They taste so good because they eat so good.’ He summed nutrition up so well. Ruminates have 5 key nutrient requirements, crude protein, energy (in the form of fiber), fat and water-soluble vitamins and minerals. A balanced diet with the correct amount of roughage and concentrates will help product healthy animals.


The third thing is the correct vaccination. We have a vaccination program that we can help you put in place to ensure your animals are up-to-date.

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Dr. Henri treats a bull calf for mild bloat

Dr. Fida tells about giving Hartewater blood in livestock. PetPassion always has hartewater blood in stock!

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