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Dr Fida Young

BVSc, Hons (Small Animal Surgery)

As a young girl on her Grandpa’s farm, Dr Fida, dreamed of wearing the theater gear with scalpel in her hand and the beam of the light illuminating her patient. In 2007 Dr Fida was a step closer qualifying as a Veterinarian from Ondersterpoort.
She has experienced all fields of veterinary science as she began working with Equine’s at a practice in Kyalami , under Dr Mike Ross, before heading to Australia for almost 5 years. In Australia, Dr Fida, worked predominantly with Equine’s as well as small and production animals. In 2013 she returned to South Africa and started her own practice in Mooinooi working with a wide range of animals including small and production animals and wildlife. Her practice has expanded to a three man practice and is now situated in Buffelspark shopping center, Buffelspoort. Dr Fida has a drive to improving herself and her skills which lead her to complete her post graduate studies in Small Animal Surgery completing her Honors mid-2018. Not only does she have a love for veterinary science but for her daughters, camping, farming and fishing.

Dr Eljane van Tonder


I qualified in 2018 from the University of Pretoria with a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science. I spent my first year in Louis Trichardt completing my compulsory community service year. I love working with all kinds of animals and have a particular interest in wildlife not to mention spending time with my family, all my fur friends and time in nature.

Dr Michelle Prinsloo

Hons BSc, BVSc

My journey with animals began with a Zoology degree and honors in wildlife management. However, I wanted more hands on experience with animals and to ensure that they are healthy so I decided to study Veterinary Science.  I love working and treating production animals, dogs and cats. In my free time I like to garden in my vegetable garden, hike, camp, bake and spend time with my family.

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