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Dr Fida Young BVSc, Hons (Small Animal Surgery),
Dr Fida Young BVSc, Hons (Small Animal Surgery), Vet
Dr Fida undertook her studies at Onderstepoort and qualified in 2007, she began work with Equine at a practice in Kylami before heading to Australia for almost 5 years. In Australia Dr Fida worked predominantly with Equine (pleasure, race and breeding horses) and some production animals. She met her husband (Paul Young) there and in 2013 returned to South Africa and began practice in Mooinooi working mostly with small animals.
With the need to be able to give a holistic treatment of our client’s pets Dr Fida enrolled in her post graduate studies of Small Animal Surgery completing her Honors mid-2018. Dr Fidas passion continues to grow in the surgical area along with the treatment of Equine. Dr Fida has 2 children. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, participating in hobbies like fishing, camping, farming.
Dr Henri Olckers BSc, BVSc
Dr Henri Olckers BSc, BVScVet
Dr Henri undertook his studies at University of Pretoria main campus and then Onderstepoort and qualified in 2012. Dr Henri began practice in Pretoria city centre working with predominantly small animals and wildlife. Dr Henri joined the Petpassion team in 2015 enjoying the break from the “city life”. Dr Henri has a strong interest in wildlife and continues to enjoy this area of practice. The experience of the last 4 years qualifies him as a competent production and small animal vet. His big heart and caring nature makes him one of the most enjoyable Veterinarians known. Dr Henri enjoys spending his spare time with friends and family and only needs half a chance to get away to spend time in the Kruger National Park.

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