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What are Hot Spots


Hot Spots are a bacterial infection of the skin associated with inflammation. They are commonly caused by staphylococcus intermedius bacteria. Skin infection occur when the surface integrity of the skin has been broken. There are many risk factors that can occur and it is best to bring your pet in so we can start treatment [...]

What are Hot Spots2022-04-12T09:51:31+02:00

African Horse Sickness


If you have not already vaccinated for AHS don't delay any further. The rains are just around the corner and with them comes a much higher risk of AHS.

African Horse Sickness2022-04-12T09:49:03+02:00

Can I vaccinate against Kennel cough?


Yes, yes and yes! There is a vaccination for kennel cough....If you canine companion has not been vaccinated then they should. Especially if they are planning a trip to the kennels.

Can I vaccinate against Kennel cough?2022-04-12T09:48:40+02:00

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