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What are Hot Spots


Hot Spots are a bacterial infection of the skin associated with inflammation. They are commonly caused by staphylococcus intermedius bacteria. Skin infection occur when the surface integrity of the skin has been broken. There are many risk factors that can occur and it is best to bring your pet in so we can start treatment [...]

What are Hot Spots2022-04-12T09:51:31+02:00

African Horse Sickness


If you have not already vaccinated for AHS don't delay any further. The rains are just around the corner and with them comes a much higher risk of AHS.

African Horse Sickness2022-04-12T09:49:03+02:00

Can I vaccinate against Kennel cough?


Yes, yes and yes! There is a vaccination for kennel cough....If you canine companion has not been vaccinated then they should. Especially if they are planning a trip to the kennels.

Can I vaccinate against Kennel cough?2022-04-12T09:48:40+02:00



So what exactly is constipation? It is the difficulty in passing faeces or the infrequency. There are various causes for constipation including dietary, behavioural, environmental and medical related issues. The good news is constipation can be treated. If it is mild, laxatives are available at your vet and for more serve cases your pet can [...]


Tick Control


Even thought the rains have not come, the ticks are out in full force. Prevention is better than trying to treat your dog/cat for biliary once they have got it. Feel free to pop in or order on line to purchase your tick and flea prevention medication from the clinic.

Tick Control2019-10-03T22:41:45+02:00

Cats and their crystals


Today we had a male cat brought in with a serve case of a blocked urinary track. A common  cause of this is crystal formation. Two of the most common crystals in cats is Struvite and Calcium oxalate. Certain risk factors predispose your cat to the formation of these crystals including obesity, low water intake, [...]

Cats and their crystals2019-09-23T17:06:37+02:00

Ageing is not a Disease


General Health Checks which include physical examination of the eyes, ears joints heart and teeth for only R200   Executive health check also include lumps and bumps and screening for general metabolic diseases with a blood screen and urine analysis. Geriatric patients : Dogs over 9 years old (giant breeds over 5yrs) Cats over 7yrs

Ageing is not a Disease2019-09-17T12:22:40+02:00

Blood Donars Required


Tick Bite fever - We require blood donor heroes! Ideal Candidates dogs : over 30kg, healthy adults. Each donor will receive a free health check, blood smear and dewormer. Cats : over 4kg healthy adult that test negative for FIV/FeLV. Each donor will receive a free health check, blood smear and dewormer.

Blood Donars Required2019-09-17T12:13:53+02:00

Golf Day


Our golf and family fun day is 6 weeks away. Book now!!!! cant wait to see everyone there

Golf Day2019-09-09T08:57:22+02:00

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